Goats, veggies and a couple of chicks

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03.08.11 Scoop the Wonder Dog

Scoop is pretty good at entertaining himself, and if he can’t do that he’ll seek out a cat. He is known to the commuter traffic as the big bear or the big dog that spins, because every day during the peak traffic time he spins in the corner of the fence, excitedly chasing cars in […]

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21.06.11 A Houdini Arrives at the Farm

This is Stout, the newest addition to Red Tractor. He is all chocolate except for a ring around his midsection and some white socks. He’s also a “bottle baby” kind of goat — fed by hand. He follows us around like a puppy and cries like one, too, if left alone. However, he is also […]

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25.02.11 Waiting for Green Grass

The chickens are as anxious to see green grass again as we are. Right now, we’re in mud season: melting snow and rain and soil that is still deeply frozen if you dig down more than a few inches. -Jen

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20.02.11 Quiet Kid Time

The birth of four more kids this weekend brought this year’s kidding season to a total of six bucklings and six does. They get to spend their first couple of weeks with their mothers in stalls fitted with heat lamps and plenty of hay. As Ninety-four demonstrates, there’s plenty of time for napping with the […]

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