Goats, veggies and a couple of chicks

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11.04.14 Kidding Season

One of the biggest joys — at times, the most stressful thing — about raising animals such as goats is seeing new animals arrive at the farm. From watching for signs of labor to watching the new kids dance around the barn in that funny sideways-half-kick that they do, we try to take a moment […]

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07.12.13 Season’s end – and the holiday farmers market

Bitter cold has put an end to the growing season for vegetables at Red Tractor, but we have plenty to keep us busy. There are goats to keep warm and chickens to look after — especially the ones that like to fly over the fence to find something tasty on the other side. In January, […]

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29.09.11 What’s for dinner?

These are two of our happy customers at market. Everything in that basket was purchased at our market stand. One of the best things about selling at the farmers market is getting to know the people who shop there, talking with them about what they love to eat, and the delicious cooking plans they have […]

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