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04.06.14 Glorious green garlic

 Elephant garlic! This is one of our favorite early spring crops. It’s more mild than regular garlic, especially because it’s green. But another advantage is that it is so easy to break out the cloves for cooking. Here’s a great recipe for using fresh green garlic – garlic soup! Melissa Clark’s Double Garlic Soup Ingredients […]

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08.01.11 Jamaican Goat Meat

We tried this recipe in the spring with goat chops. It’s delicious with any cut of goat meat, though. Don’t let the long list of ingredients intimidate you — it’s an easy dish. Ingredients: 3 Tbl. vegetable oil 2 lbs. goat meat (stew meat or bone-in cuts such as shanks or chops) 1 large onion […]

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07.01.11 Easy Marinated Goat

This is one of the first recipes we handed to people who didn’t know how to cook with goat meat. It’s a simple herb marinade, and you can take the meat from refrigerator to oven without taking it out of foil it’s wrapped in. Ingredients: 1-4 lbs. of goat meat (stew meat or bone-in cuts […]

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