Goats, veggies and a couple of chicks

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17.08.13 It takes a village, part 2: volunteer at RTF

On October 5-6, the Red Tractor Farm will be a participating farm on the Kaw Valley Farm Tour. As farmers who have gone on the tour for many years, we are excited to be a part of the tour. The tour couldn’t happen without the work of volunteers – both before the event, and during. […]

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22.06.13 It Takes a Village

Jess and I are the only two people who run Red Tractor Farm, but we couldn’t do it without volunteers and the support of family and friends. This weekend, several friends came to the farm to help us with a few projects, including building a new chicken tractor, spreading wood chips, clearing out rubbish from […]

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11.06.13 First egg!

The chicks that arrived through the mail on Feb. 4 laid their first egg today – finally! Each time we have raised chicks, the wait for that first egg leads to a few weeks of looking in every corner of the chicken house. The birds don’t lay eggs in the boxes at first. It’s like […]

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21.03.13 Sometimes a farmer.

There are days when despite all distractions and jobs off-farm, we are farmers. This happens when a goat kid dies and we cannot do anything to stop it, or when we are defeated, as when we look at beans that never flowered and wither in the drought. But farmers also delight in the surprise of […]

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15.02.13 Sixty-Six Days to Lettuce and Cabbage

I’ve often thought that one thing that gardening and athletics share in common is that for both it’s easy to say, “Next year will be the year we…” The failures or missteps of the previous season are left behind and we look forward to a clean slate come spring. Every December we pore over the […]

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20.04.12 It takes a village

Thirty volunteers. What an incredible experience! We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us build our high tunnel. The rains of the previous week made the effort to build the tunnel that much more challenging, but everyone who volunteered mucked their way through the day with smiles. Special thanks go to the Kansas Rural Center, […]

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