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09.08.14 Cover Art

                    The sunrise this morning was amazing and it made the high tunnel glow in a rainbow of purple and pink. The Kansas Rural Center asked us for copy of the photo for the cover of their guide to high tunnels. We’re honored to give it […]

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07.02.12 Seed starting time

Following on the heels of a freakishly warm fall has been the weird winter. No prolonged periods of low temperatures. Little precipitation. No snow to speak of. So the usual prompt to get started on growing seedlings– lots of gray days– hasn’t happened. But the seeds are organized and the growing has begun. So far, […]

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08.10.11 Cracked Earth

The summer drought has become the fall drought. But on the bright side, we finally have tomatoes!

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25.02.11 Waiting for Green Grass

The chickens are as anxious to see green grass again as we are. Right now, we’re in mud season: melting snow and rain and soil that is still deeply frozen if you dig down more than a few inches. -Jen

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15.02.11 Waiting for spring

Sometimes, in the depth of February, it seems like spring will never come.  This image is from last  year, and those rows of dirt eventually became snow and sugar snap peas, and fava beans. Then came the lettuce and the braising mix. It’s only about a month until we can start making those rows again, […]

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