First egg!

June 11, 2013

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first eggThe chicks that arrived through the mail on Feb. 4 laid their first egg today – finally! Each time we have raised chicks, the wait for that first egg leads to a few weeks of looking in every corner of the chicken house. The birds don’t lay eggs in the boxes at first. It’s like they don’t know an egg is coming, and they just plop down on the floor or in the yard and poof! There’s an egg.

So once they start laying, we look all over the place for eggs. In a few weeks, they will get the hang of it and we won’t have to look for wayward eggs as much.

Those first eggs are also tiny compared to those laid by our 2 year old hens. Their first few weeks of laying most of the eggs are small, and they gradually get larger as the bird ages. By the time they are about 24-28 weeks old, they will lay regular-sized eggs. We sell the smaller eggs through the Common Harvest CSA, and save the bigger ones for the farmers market on Saturdays.

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