Goat Photo Shoot

November 12, 2011

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We don’t name our farm animals, but it becomes impossible not to notice a personality trait in a goat that makes it stand apart from another member of the herd.  Assigned a number, the number becomes the name. Number 163 used to avoid us but since we treated her for an infection she likes to stand just out of reach and observe us.

Goat 128 often insists on being petted, but she’s also got a mellow, slow personality. I think of her as an Eeyore.

Goat 94 is one of the leaders of the group, and she is the first to wander up to you to get a scratch on the head, or to nibble on your shirt or jeans or shoelaces.

She’s also fond of pushing against my leg with her head, steady, with increasing pressure, trying to get me to challenge her in return. Today she was downright hammy with the camera, and almost knocked me down.

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