It takes a village

April 20, 2012

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Construction of tunnel

Thirty volunteers. What an incredible experience! We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us build our high tunnel.

The rains of the previous week made the effort to build the tunnel that much more challenging, but everyone who volunteered mucked their way through the day with smiles. Special thanks go to the Kansas Rural Center, for helping us organize this hoop-house raising, and to Cary Rivard and K-State Extension, for making this project a reality. We hope to pay it forward someday.

plastic on tunnelWithin another couple of weeks, more friends arrived to help us finish.

We completely lucked out then, too. An otherwise windy day gave us the gift of a tiny window without as much of a breeze. We unfurled the plastic over the hoops, and held on tight!

It’s the trickiest part of finishing the high tunnel, because wind can pick up the plastic and turn it into a giant balloon headed for the next county. And though the wind returned the second we added the plastic, we secured it in time.

Framing end wallstomato plant starts The end walls came next…




…and then a lot of reworking all that crushed soil inside. We are happy to announce that the first plants for this tunnel – tomatoes! are in the ground.




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