Goats, veggies and a couple of chicks

Why We Farm

The Taste of Real Food

Good food ultimately brought us to farming, and it’s central to everything we do at Red Tractor Farm. We are committed to:

  • Using sustainable agriculture practices that assure that land can support people beyond our generation
  • Raising pastured livestock with respect for the animal, and without the use of unnecessary added antibiotics, hormones or other synthetic chemicals.
  • Growing vegetables without chemical fertilizers or herbicides
  • Building a sense of community around local food

Our ideas about food were shaped by the contrast of years of cooking the bland foods trucked in from thousands of miles away versus the memory of foods we grew up with from the garden, or later bought at the farmer’s market. Much of the food we used to eat is the product of a large-scale industrial food system that produces food cheaply but at an overall cost to health and environment. This is particularly true of meat production, which relies on production at a grand scale and is dependent on a narrow line of variables for profitability.

In short, we began farming because we wanted to grow our own food. We wanted to know where it came from, how it was raised and how it arrived on our table.

But we also wanted to provide that experience for other people. We wanted to bring produce and meat directly to the consumer and build a relationship with the people who buy the food. We want them to know about our farm, how we care for our animals, what they eat, and to reconnect with the way food is supposed to taste.